Books for Elementary Aged Children

Break Up: Facing Up to Divorce, by Gianni Padoan

Divorce Happens To The Nicest Kids, by M.D. Prokop

Divorce Is A Grown Up Problem, by Janet Stinberg

Families are Forever! Kids Workbook for Sharing Feelings About Divorce, by Melissa Smith. An interactive workbook that encourages children to express their feelings (ages 4-8).

How Does It Feel When Your Parents Get Divorced, by Terry Berger

I Don't Want to Talk About It, by Jeanie Franz Ransom. When a child’s parents sit her down to tell her they are going to get divorced, she fantasizes about the different animals she will turn into to deal with it.

I Have Two Families, by D Herering

It's not Your Fault, Koko Bear, by Vicky Lansky. A "read-together book" for parents and child.

Mom and Dad Don't Live Together Any More, by K. Stinson

Mr. Rogers Talks With Families About Divorce, by Fred Rogers and Clair O'Brien

Why Don't We Live Together Anymore?: Understanding Divorce, by Carol Ackelmire. From the "Comforting Little Hearts" Series. For ages 4-8