Other Publications

Dealing with Loss: A Guidebook for Helping Your Children During and After Divorce, by Herman M. Franket, M.D. (503) 227-1860

Family Law in Oregon, Oregon Legal Services (503) 224-4094. This booklet answers common questions on the subjects of Marriage and Divorce, Paternity, Custody and Parenting Time, Child Support, State Services for Children and Families and Adoption. A Spanish version is also available ($0.15 per copy). You can also download the English and Spanish versions of this publication from the Oregon Judicial Department's Family Law Website.

My Parents Are Getting Divorced: A Handbook for Kids, ABA Section of Family Law Family Advocate, Vol. 18, No 4 (312) 988-5522. ($3.00 each to $9.00 each, depending on quantity)

Oregon State University Extension Service (503) 737-2513. Publications on Divorce and Remarriage, including: Property Division and Spousal Support, Child Support Decisions and Money Management for Stepfamilies. (free to $1.50 per copy)